"Look! Look! Over here!"

I see that Oregon's Justice Department is now "investigating" Fox News. Supposedly the state is upset that the media company's directors and officers breached their fiduciary duty to shareholders by letting their on-air personalities spout lies about the 2020 election. And state employee pension plans in Oregon own Fox News stock, and the bad publicity and legal problems are supposedly dragging down their stock values.

What a bunch of malarkey. If you've been making money off Fox News, I don't care who you are or what you are, you deserve whatever bad financial consequences you may suffer. 

Plus, come on, are they going to sue the board of directors? It seems quite a stretch. 

When the bureaucrats and politicians do lame stuff like this, it makes you wonder what they're trying to distract you from. 

I know what I'm not getting distracted from: first, the $500,000 in stolen crypto customers' cash that the Democratic Party of Oregon apparently took from FTX, with the help of Ron Wyden's top campaign staff, and still hasn't returned; and second, the seriously compromised ethics of the executives, including two ex-CFOs, at the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, home of the Bourbongate scam. 

Supposedly there are "investigations" going into those scandals, too. Crimes have been committed. And the outcomes of those cases are way more important than whatever hassle the true-blue minions under sometimes-recused attorney general Ellen Rosenblum and Tobias "Who?" Read are going to make for the Rupert Murdoch types.

Meanwhile, if you don't like what the Fox News directors are doing, you always have the option of selling your Fox News stock. There's an app for that.


  1. Look, look over here. Oops, move along, nothing to see here. Wait, please listen to me. I have something important to say. At least I think so and the party regulars agree.

  2. Huh. The numbers don't seem to be there for OR - not enough value drop - so this looks pretty whacky on it's face. There must be lots of institutional investors with bigger stakes in FOX wo are essentially in the same position yet I've not heard of any other potential shareholder suits. Time to take two steps back and see if someone with deeper pockets (e.g., a bigger claim) will do the work and file a suit OR can just join.

  3. Meanwhile the Feds are investigating Oregon's most recently elected SOS!!


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