Everything I said yesterday was wrong

Just when I thought some common sense was returning to the issue of drug addiction in Oregon (and I blogged about it here) comes this story, which dispels any notion that we're moving forward.

First, Portland's mayor, Dud Wheeler, has cancelled his proposed ordinance that would have criminalized public drug use. What he didn't say before, but is admitting now, is that state law prohibits cities from passing such a measure.

Let's pause for a moment and reflect on that. In Oregon, a city can make it illegal to drink a beer on the street. but it can't make it illegal to shoot up heroin or smoke fentanyl in public. What the heck? When your state legislator comes around shilling for votes, be sure to bust their chops about that one. Lew Frederick, Kate Lieber, you've got to be kidding.

Secondly, and even worse, I misunderstood when I said that fentanyl was going to get rougher treatment than other hard drugs, which are essentially legal under the hideous Measure 110. According to today's new explanation, all the state has done is to put fentanyl in with all the other hard drugs under Measure 110. If you've got four tabs or less, you're cool.

In other words, folks, basically, nothing has changed. Nothing. Junkies of America, come to Oregon! Get high all the time, anywhere you want. And not only will we give you free drug kits and a day spa, but there's a free cell phone waiting for you here, too. Anything goes!


  1. Can’t understand why anyone who can move doesn’t.

  2. I don’t understand why our public officials condon the destruction of Oregon’s culture.

  3. Watched a guy blow through a red light yesterday in front of a cop. They're not even trying.

    1. We've bogged the constabulary down with who knows how many TPS reports and cover sheets. A red light ticket isn't worth the time for the poor dude. The thing is, it's not just cops. It's everyone. I thought maybe we'd get a reset after 2020-22. How wrong I was.

  4. Just another, in a very long line of walk-backs, from the eunuch Teddy boy. In Seinfeld lingo he has “no hand”, while Portland residents get nothing but the back of the hand from him.

  5. All signs point to only the trajectory of doom for Portland and the rest of the state will suffer for it.


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