Everything goes better with junk mail

Portland City Hall never stops churning out the unsolicited porn. This week:


  1. I mean, they could have used Alder, Birch, and Cedar. Get it - options A B or C. But that was probably deemed too linear, and therefore racist.

    1. I'm sure there was a three hour meeting at some point where an hour was spent discussing why Birch was "problematic."

    2. They held a charette that was full of hand selected stakeholders, to be sure.

      Birch has connotations of cultural appropriation, since native Americans used birch bark for their canoes.

      Beech was dismissed as an alternative, since it’s a homonym of beach, and only affluent entitled (white) people actually go to the beach.

  2. Any choice will be labeled racism.

  3. Look Portland is transitioning! Opponents aren't just racist, they are transphobes.

  4. John Birch Society anyone?


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