Break room chat

Hey, big news, Lynn Peterson is running for Congress!


Lynn Peterson.

Who's that?

She's the chair of Metro.

The chair of what?


What's that?

The regional government around Portland.

The regional what?

They run the garbage, land use, cemeteries, the zoo....

You're kidding me. Aren't they the hacks that built that white elephant hotel over by the Convention Center?

Yes, a victim of Covid, unfortunately.

Aren't they the ones that collect the homeless tax?

Yes, and in just a few years, you're going to start seeing some results.

And she's running for what?


Against Blumenauer?

No, against that Republican who got the new seat. She's from Lake Oswego.

What's her name again, Jennifer what?

Lynn. Lynn Peterson.

I hope the Blazers trade that draft pick.


  1. It’ll be interesting to see if she gets any professional help.

  2. Lynn Peterson may be the most dishonest, inept politician and horrible manager in Oregon history.
    At every position she has held. That's all.


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