Who had the pickle?

Leave it to the Oregonian, or whatever we're supposed to call it now. Having been scooped once again on a major scandal, after it's all over, they kick the corpse a little by sending some minion in to sniff around asking petty questions about the miscreant's expense account. They used to have a guy named Les Zaitz who specialized in this duty. It's like "Hitler ordered two desserts!"

Today we learn in this howler of a "story" that ousted Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan was "mostly keeping her daily work schedule to seven hours or less." And she "took five out-of-state trips in the last six months, her calendars show."

Oooh, and she got herself and her kids invited to the White House Easter egg party, and they went. Didn't come back 'til Thursday!

What a stunningly lame imitation of actual journalism. They ought to put it behind a paywall. Or maybe a real wall.

If the Oregonian is really that hot on combing over politicians' travel schedules, they might want to give Ron Wyden's a whirl. Now, that would make some interesting reading, although it would pale in comparison to seeing what's on his tax returns. Which, thanks to weak media like the Oregonian, the public will never see.

On Damian Lillard, it's the letter "O." On these people, it's a zero.


  1. Sadly, I’ve noticed to same problem at The Oregonian. The news they print is frequently PR “handouts” from their friends. Their bylines are rarely investigative journalism and usually just the writers opinions.

  2. It's all for clicks without regard for real people doing real jobs. Hence the yearly publishing of State employee salaries and PERS payouts. OMG a State janitor makes $40,000/year and will get $1600/mo in retirement! How horrible!

  3. I used to be a paper boy w-a-a-a-a-a-y back in the day delivering the Oregon Journal after school. I do like the tactile feel of newspaper, but that is about it. Too many other ways to get much more in-depth information almost instantaneously. The paywall thing is dumb since "news" has become even more slanted and lightweight than is already was.

  4. They did post this today...yet another Portland tax:


    This is ON TOP of the nearly 20-year-old-and-not-going-away-ever-ever-ever $.10/gal gas tax...

  5. Shemia was considered a “comer” in the same sense as Neil was early in his career. I’m glad that got derailed.


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