What do you mean "we"?

Some more election porn showed up in the mailbox the other day. A glossy four-pager well-designed to hoover more money out of your wallet come property tax time (or keep your rent nice and high):

How sweet.

Sorry, kids, but I stopped voting "yes" on taxes in Portland quite a while ago. I don't care what they're for. Money is fungible. If your cause is so great, it should have been worth paying for out of the burdensome taxes that were already being imposed on us working people before your precious "levy" came along.

Of course, there's no chance in hell that this gouge will fail. But I'm an emphatic "no." Just like last time and the time before that. So move along. Get out of my face and off my beautiful, chemically treated lawn.


  1. A long time ago, an advertising mogul told me that using children to sell a product was a sign of desperation.

  2. All your money funds public sector retirement and health care. There’s little left over for anything else.

  3. Makes me think a little bit of the old National Lampoon cover. Buy this magazine or we shoot the dog (except with kids and there's no gun.)

    1. The gun is implied.

    2. Are there any children left in Portland?


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