They have a point (Kelley)

You know me, I like journalism, and the more local, the better. And so I'm happy to see some folks launch a new monthly paper up in the St. Johns neighborhood of Portland and surrounding vicinity. It's called North Peninsula Review, and its website is here.

There's a good story in their May edition about how the Portland parks department routinely burns its maintenance budget on crap other than maintenance, then cries poverty and demands new taxes when facilities fall apart. That part of town should know; that's how they got screwed out of having a public swimming pool.

Anyway, the Review is definitely worth at least a look and a bookmark. May they report and opine for many generations.


  1. When I lived in St. Johns I was always trying to convince people, only half jokingly, that we should secede from Portland, because we were such an afterthought to the city. Also, the paper has been around for a long while, previously known as the St. Johns Review. For the print edition, they solicit cover photos of the bridge from readers. I had a couple published. Fun.

    1. This is a different paper from the St. Johns Review. The Review is currently offline, and I'm told it changed ownership.

    2. Yeah, I get that it's a new entity, but it has the same look, format, content focus, advertisers, and front page bridge photo contest as the good old Review. Not to mention the wonderful Barbara Quinn, who was one of the mainstay writers for as long as I knew of the paper (not to mention the stalwart head of our Cathedral Park neighborhood association), on the masthead. I'd be shocked if the S.J. Review still existed in any form. It feels like a continuation to me, but I get why people want to establish their own identity. Glad you've discovered it.


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