Talkin' trash

I see old Senator Ron Wyden (R-N.Y.) is up in arms because Harlan Crow, the fellow who lays millions of dollars' worth of goodies on Clarence Thomas, won't disclose to Ron's committee all the gifts he's made to Thomas over the last 20 years.

“Mr. Crow is in for a cold dose of reality if he really believes his gifts to Justice Thomas are immune from congressional investigation,” the senator said. 

 “No amount of wealth or connections can help him get away with blowing off Finance Committee oversight,” he added. “I will be discussing with my committee colleagues how best to get answers to my questions, and all options will be on the table.”

You would think that Supreme Court ethics would be for the Judiciary Committee, not the Finance Committee, but what the heck, why spoil the fun? This could make for some first-rate entertainment. At some point, Wyden may jump off the bench and try to gum Crow into submission.


  1. Still waiting for some news about the “leak”

    1. The guy from New Jersey thinks he knows who did it.

    2. I think several people came to the same conclusion.

    3. Where is New Jersey?

  2. Ron has a penchant for photo ops. It’s fodder for his friends in the press. Leads me to believe his thinking takes a back seat to the political objectives of his staff.

  3. Tax crimes? It was good enough for Al Capone.


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