Taking the bait

This makes me mad. The Oregon state health department has issued its final report on the health effects of that hideous air pollution that came out of the Bullseye Glass factory in inner southeast Portland before regulators belatedly took action on it in 2016.

The report doesn't tell anyone what they didn't already know, but the accompanying press release was misleading, and the local media were more than able, if not eager, to be misled.

The press release said:

That makes it sound as if nobody actually got hurt, right? That they caught it before any harm was done. And sure enough, in the O it comes out as –

Local public radio, OPB, wrote it up as –

But if you read the actual report, which is here, you see that its number 1 conclusion is quite different:

In other words, if  you lived, worked, or went to school down there between 1974 and 2016, there's no telling what you inhaled or what diseases it might have set you up for. The State of Oregon, particularly the DEQ, let you down, big time. It's a disgrace.

Funny thing, the state's press release downplayed that part. But the news organizations shouldn't have been so lazy (or complicit) as to let the bureaucrats get away with it.


  1. It’s unforgivable and a scandal that won’t die until the last victim from the Bullseye Glass neighborhood dies. DEQ’s name should be changed to DAQ, Don’t Ask Questions.

    News editors in Portland apparently have inhaled some toxic air themselves. [Cue ‘The Typewriter Symphony’ mime by Jerry Lewis]

  2. Wait until they discover all the secrets buried within a mile of Highway 30 between the Fremont and St Johns bridges.

  3. I assume someone is keeping track of the people that died from the glass factory pollution. I know the media is compiling information about local deaths from hard drugs


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