Nepomyšl City Limits

In this internet age, our cultural lives are rich indeed. As the world mourns Tina Turner, somebody has unearthed this video clip from Soviet Czechoslovakia in 1978. The melody is obviously Tina's "Nutbush," but the lyrics are something about "I'm Just a Woman."

I must admit, I now want to know more about Valerie Čižmárová. Maybe a lot more. I wonder if Tina ever met her.

Her bandleader, by the way, was Svatopluk Čech. But you knew that.


  1. You mean THE Svatopluk Čech? Didn’t he used to do arrangements for Bob Seger? The guy rocks! I dig the matching suits…




  5. I certainly did back in late August 2015, when I first heard of the name 'Valérie Čižmárová' in that incredible year when the concept of Pop music and the former Soviet Bloc being mentionable in the same sentence didn't seem so ridiculous after all. On the same day I also discovered her sometime theatrical colleague, Miluška Voborníková - another absolute stunner, in a brunette variety, this time - who, I have subsequently discovered, was born on the same day (25th December 1949, now AKA 'Miluškamas' and 'Sissymas') as another woman for whom I have long had a fancy - and with a Czech/Slovak-origin name, too! - Sissy Spacek. You may have gathered, Jack, that I am that person, from beautiful Belper, Derbyshire, UK, behind the one and only Fan Blog for 'Valinka', 'Bananas For Breakfast', plus the overall Blog, 'Girls Of The Golden East'. It's so good to encounter another potential 'Valinker', as I know a fellow fan!


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