Mikey's on TV again

I see that Portland's hapless district attorney, Mike Schmidt, held another press conference today. He's big on press conferences, with the mayor, Dud Wheeler, and the county chair, Jessica Chevy Vega, standing behind him. Chief Chuck is always there, too, taking a break from supervising one of the most ineffective police departments in the nation.

Today Mikey and the bobbleheads announced that they've noticed that gee, there seem to be a lot of car thefts and retail thefts taking place lately. And so by golly, let's have a task force! Hell yeah, let's make it better, two task forces!

It's beyond pitiful. The cops and the d.a. here can't even get on top of auto theft and shoplifting without making it out as being some kind of big deal.

I wonder what Schmidt is going to do when he's voted out of office in a couple of years. He's got about 611 days to figure it out. Maybe he should go back to being a public defender. I hear there's a shortage.


  1. Even pro bono if I were a criminal I’d refuse his “services” as a public defender!
    Most incompetent attorney ever!

  2. Jack, your idea of a task force fits perfectly with the lame thinking of our leaders. But, you forgot a key part of the organizational title. BLUE RIBBEN. That way they can include other brain donors.

  3. Two task forces means at least two six- figure outside consultant contracts 'cause apparently nobody on the inside understands the basics of law enforcement anymore. SMH.

  4. Filing more cases is one thing, but what happens after that is just as important. The criminal justice system shouldn't have a default "throw away the key" approach, proportional sentencing is important and if services can be offered that will realistically reduce recidivism, that should be on the table. But the default in Multnomah County when it comes to property crime always seems do be "do as little harm to the defendant as possible." Repeat offenders are dumb enough to steal but smart enough to play the odds when word gets around when a particular county is lenient. When they get convicted over and over again and the consequences are meaningless, there is no deterrent. The lack of meaningful sentences handed out in Multnomah County for repeat offenders is just as problematic as the lack of cases being filed.

  5. Well that's 611 days to organize a gofundme to buy his hapless ass a bus ticket out of dodge.


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