Have a great weekend


  1. Love the song Beautiful 💕

  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JmlL86FKdxk

  3. Susan’s floor & Second cup of coffee are kinda what last for me of ‘best of the Dad/Yacht rock’ of Gord, if I’m honest?

    & Alberta bound having worked adjacent to oil for a short time?

    I like the idea that Canada can have some handful of stars, some mediocre, some break-out that hate Hollywood and kinda still hang out up there? I like him as sorta best of the bracket racers/top of his rung, endurance, & in-between?

    The other more popular songs or where he tries to work more into them given the genre, I guess, being younger, are just kinda ‘meh’ or don’t speak to me?

    I also think we experience music differently post internet, loneliness, &, being a bit fearful of crowds/downtowns, and also, depending on the song, I doubt I’d pick those songs out to hear live if I could or could have seen the guy thinking about it a bit more?


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