Gee, d'ya think?

Here's a funny one:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is convening a meeting with regional leaders this week to discuss a flurry of planned or proposed increases in taxes, fees and utility rates bearing down on households and businesses.

Wheeler’s office Monday asked representatives from Multnomah County, the Metro regional government, TriMet, Portland General Electric, the Port of Portland and Portland Public Schools “to have an open discussion about our respective (and collective) fiscal impact to the public” on Thursday, according to his staff and a copy of the invite.

All of a sudden, he cares? Did he talk to a burning bush or something? More likely, he's started calling around looking for money to run for a third term. And either the numbers he's calling have been disconnected, or his former BFFs with money aren't picking up.

Yes, Dud, households and businesses are being bled dry. And so they're moving away, and new suckers are slow to come in. The only people who have it made in Portland these days are the people killing themselves openly smoking fentanyl on the streets. The government and the many expensive nonprofit enablers provide them free tents, a day spa, three square meals a day, all the clean drug paraphernalia they need, and complete freedom from personal responsibility. They get to squat wherever they want. There's no "fiscal impact" on them – quite the opposite.

People who want to work hard and build a decent life are getting screwed by Portland at every turn. Have a nice meeting, though. And good luck with the rest of your career.


  1. With local Multnomah county income taxation now at the highest rate ( 14.69% ) in the nation, one could imagine our political leaders would proudly justify such punishment due to the top rate services they provide area taxpayers…….instead, the city is collapsing in every way possible and Ted convenes a tax meeting with the teachers union! What are the chances this crowd agrees to lower the tax burden on local businesses and taxpayers? Ha Ha…..

    1. I'm pretty sure the teacher's union doesn't go by the name Portland Public Schools.

    2. Clean your glasses

  2. He (and our other local elected leaders) should have spoken out loudly when the homeless and preschool taxes were proposed. Instead no one said anything negative and now it’s too late. The economic damage has been done and has only just begun. Tina Kotek should be leading the discussion on fixing Oregon’s broken tax system as soon as possible. No surprise that she doesn’t see a problem. There honestly is no hope for this state and certainly no hope for Portland.


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