For whom the tolls fell

I see that Governor Kohoutek has put the kibosh on imposing tolls on the interstate highways around Portland until "at least 2026." And that being a gubernatorial election year, it's hard to see it happening in 2026, either. And so it appears we have a reprieve for another four years or so.

By then many of us may well be out of here.


  1. I bet Tina counted votes before making this decision.

  2. We're enjoying Clark and Skamania Counties quite a bit. Come on up! The old saw about how people of different political viewpoints have more in common than they do dividing them is true in our experience, and people we have met in the two years since we have been here are good as gold, even if their political views are often quite different from ours. Most people you would associate with conservative values have a profound distaste for the nutty people who sometimes swarm school board and council meetings.

    1. I agree. I lived in Vancouver for a spell, and it is definitely more “live and let live” than Portland is. Just gotta pick the right part of town to reside in.

    2. In general, the “purple” places I’ve lived have tended toward reasonable city governments. Political diversity seems to moderate the crazies on either side.

  3. For whom the bell does not toll...


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