Everyday people, not

Before we get started on this one, let me point out that I'm voting an emphatic "no" on the proposed capital gains tax in Multnomah County, Measure 26-238. It's wrong on so many levels that it's not even worth considering. I just hope the majority of the sheeple around here don't fall for it, as they usually do.

With that out of the way, let's take a look at the latest election porn to arrive here at Blog Central:

This one is kind of offensive. It goes beyond hyperbole and into outright lie territory. "This new tax will be paid by everyone"? Give me a break, Doctor Ernesto. People without capital gains, which is most of us, will pay nothing. Especially those "communities" that your organization is "strengthening." Most of these folks have never had a capital gain in their lives, nor will they ever.

How is a capital gains tax "a step backward for historically underserved communities and workers" who will never pay it? If that's what it takes to get this thing defeated at the polls, Portland is in even worse trouble than I thought.

The inconvenient fact is that, guess what, Hacienda CDC, which pays Dr. Fonseca's six-figure salary, is a major landlord, with hundreds of low-rent apartments and ambitions to build many hundreds more. Do you think they ever have to evict people? Ha! Ha! Of course. Same with Congressman Earl Blumenauer, an outspoken critic who's even on TV ads against this one. Among his many riches are rental units.

Anyway, vote "no," but also note the nonprofit industrial complex here, again going rogue. Money talks loudly with that crowd. Your money.


  1. The spineless TV producers in Portland, won’t cover this until most of the voting is in the mail

    1. Oh hell, nobody ever reports on how these things are being sold. To do so would cut into advertising revenue.


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