When Playboy folded out, he folded in

We pause today to note the passing of Al Jaffee, a legendary illustrator who along with the rest of "the usual ididots" made Mad magazine such an important part of my youth. Jaffee was best known for the fold-in feature, which posed a question and let us all find the answer by folding the page in question just so.

From him and his cohorts I learned to love satire and to shun anyone who was afraid of it. The funny people are the smartest.

Jaffee was 102 years old when he died.


  1. These days it would be called "Sane" but nobody would be laughing because they were too triggered and self-obsessed to let themselves enjoy the ironies of life.

  2. Just love his take on Dennis the Menace: https://twitter.com/alyankovic/status/610533517450215424?s=20

  3. Mad Magazine influenced my off the wall sense of humor and irreverence from day one. Fully prepared me for today's woke-ism and absurdities. RIP Al Jaffee

  4. Is Al Jaffe dead?

    No, he's just resting.

    No, he's trying to set the world's record for holding his breath.

    No, he's promoting his new invention, bed with a lid.

  5. Love the beady-eyed Nixon on this fold-in. RIP Al.

  6. I thinks that's Nelson Rockefeller.


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