Time to reorganize the sock drawer

I may have to turn off the news, for a few days at least, because you just know that all the oxygen is about to be sucked out of the room by Orange Caligula in Chains. It's been a great couple of years being able to ignore that jerk. He has killed all the joy of being an American. God forgive me, but the only story I want to follow about him is his funeral.


  1. Right there with ya, fella!

  2. Wishing for a funeral sounds a bit like wishing for a death……..that’s not how any of us should try and persuade others to our way of viewing the country’s challenges.

    1. I'm not trying to persuade anybody of anything. This country would be far, far better off if Donald Trump had never lived. The sooner he is off the scene, the better the country will be. And by his own choosing, he will not be off the scene until he is dead. Go preach elsewhere, thanks.

    2. I was hoping for a covid revolution with the conservative old folks in power dying off so we could finally have a few nice things like Medicare for All and reasonable gun control nationwide. Trump was at the top of my covid death wish list. I feel a little guilty about that, but not too much considering the harm done by so many of those in power.

  3. You’re correct. Preaching to the choir is intellectually bankrupt.

  4. Did we all forget how funny it was when he was coughing up a lung & mighta croaked of covid sans the Million dollar treatment regimen + some executive time?

    Him losing the election and croaking of covid in the lame duck period after trying to wish it away (not that it was likely to go well in retrospect?) would have been pretty awesome?

    I guess paying off hookers is one of those things you *might* get some stick for was an ex-president?
    But who cares/he ever left?
    Plays well to the base? Witch hunt/victim complex and sells news to the liberals? Win-win/ business as usual?

  5. Listened to the charges brought forth by Fat Albert. Sad.


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