Sweating in his suit

The student writers at the Stanford Daily continue to turn over rocks, looking into the research produced by the university's president before he came to Stanford as president. And the latest facts they've uncovered are not flattering, to say the least.

Genentech, where Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne once served as chief scientific officer, confirmed on Thursday that there were concerns about Alzheimer’s research Tessier-Lavigne co-authored even before publication and that a senior scientist at the company later called for the paper to be retracted, an action Tessier-Lavigne did not take. The company also disclosed previously unreported research misconduct in Tessier-Lavigne’s laboratory.

I'll bet that guy can't wait for graduation and summer vacation to get here. These kids are driving him nuts.



  1. Diogenes would have been frustrated wondering around the campus.


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