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I see that Gov. Kohoutek is going to order that the state stop paying the travel expenses of state employees who live out of state when they lower themselves to come into Oregon for meetings. Those reimbursements never should have happened, Covid or no Covid, and so the sooner that change is made, the better. Let the unions howl if they must. They're so full of baloney.

The other change I would like to see is a modest revision in Oregon law that would ensure that the out-of-state bureaucrats pay their fair share of Oregon income tax. Nonresidents pay Oregon tax only on their Oregon-source income. The last time I looked, the source of your income as an employee depended on where you were physically present when you did the work. How 19th Century.

I propose that the law be revised to provide as follows: All compensation paid to an employee by the State of Oregon or any political subdivision thereof is conclusively considered Oregon-source income, regardless of where the employee is located at the time the services are performed. Political subdivisions include counties, cities, Metro, school districts, Tri-Met, OHSU, etc. 

If Oregon taxpayers pay your salary, you have to be one yourself. It's not too much to ask.


  1. hear hear! as long as that doesn't extend to the private sector.

    1. Of course not. State and local government employees only.

    2. Of course not. There will be a modest service fee to those in the private sector.

  2. Nope sorry. Fine with paying taxes when physically present in Oregon if you work for a governmental entity but not if you are performing work remotely.

    A better solution would be to require all management level positions to be required to work physically in Oregon.

    1. ^are you a complete buffoon?
      I like the Jack solution way better; get the vantucky mouse ticklers (are you maker, fixer or mouse-tickler?) /fondlers/degenerates management/white collar tax-dodge yuppie scum outta our parks / public rights of way/spaces and keep them from needlessly clogging up our roads is all well and good.

      If I’m going to work my fingers to the bone self employed/not enjoy PERS or heavily tsx subsidized retirement, benefits and health care tied to my boss (every customer being my boss), the last thing I wanna do is share a public space/restaurant/park with them/managers/yuppie scum/crowds on a nice Monday morning writing my plans for the week @9AM after everyone else goes to work or Tuesday afternoon slightly day buzzed in the skate park (don’t drink anymore, no fun since covid, didn’t drink much before) unless I can hunt them for sport, goddammit!

      But I’d the funding source is US / the public and they’re feeding at the PERS trough/ huge tax base money vacuum that already incentivizes the time servers & hacks to hang on, at least slap them with the oregon income tax!

      Making them clog up the roads and come in mostly punishes everyone for their mouse ticking bullshit jobs.

      I say let them move to vantucky and bend or wherever, pay Oregon based income taxes in the meantime (what with us being the funding source) and trim the fat/cut the cord/eliminate their jobs if possible if we have a prayer of. getting rid of the dead wood/ / good riddance if I could dream?

      Granted, I don’t think ‘remote learning’ really works for k-12 kids, but I also think the educational system ranges on some spectrum to do a few things;
      -warehouse kids as both parents work a ton of hours now
      -implant garbage ideas into their heads as a vessel starting pretty young
      -at the upper ends of the income scale moreso allow upper middle class yuppie parents to avoid having to actually parent their shitty mediocre at best kids/crotch spawn.
      -produce annoying people/hangers on at more the Ivy League at best for the more liberal end, some of whom are smart enough to also be competently evil/make the world worse?
      With a few decent ones here and there?

    2. ^I’m also not much for coercive enforcement, but I’d be fine with camera tickets (that aren’t that much $…$50-60 like a parking ticket is these days in Portland, Seattle, Hell.A & SF/every wretched coastal city by now?) for abuse of the carpool lane by vantucky guys clogging our roads what with ~40% of them flagrantly disregarding it so it vaguely works if/when I wanna use it (that’s the hope anyway, right (lol).

      & Id also be fine with a bridge toll at government & Hayden Is. On each bridge, respectively for >~3trips/month.
      You make the odd day trip off hours/aren’t commuting or clogging up our roads?
      No toll or paperwork.
      Bike or pedestrian/no license or license plate and no major footprint (carbon or traffic/space occupied or road wear), no toll or paperwork!

      You clog up our roads commute/daylight hours as a regular thing >3tines/mo & wanna escape with your loot to vantucky (as the dream anyway?)/don’t wanna contribute to the metro area? Pay up! Ideally $100 toll for the more monied/sliding scale if I could dream, but good luck with that in practice?

    3. "Nope sorry" is no doubt a fine Portland bureaucrat.

    4. If Oregon taxpayers pay your salary, you have to be one yourself is as dumb a reason as it gets. OHSU is a public/private hybrid, so where do you draw the line? Some doctors are also professors, so what part of their income gets taxed? What about the care coordinator in Vancouver who works remote and because of space issues on campus isn’t allowed to work on campus.

      On paper a nice idea. In reality not so workable.

  3. I love it, but you will have to exempt SEIU members to have any chance of it happening.

    1. ^Truth…
      Ballot referendum maybe if all the public employee unions & PERS recipients don’t convince everyone to vote against it…

      But good luck thru other channels / legalistic means…


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