The enablers

Some days it seems like everything is moving in the wrong direction. Today I woke up to this email message, letting me know that $13 million that Oregon is receiving from the drug companies in the opioid lawsuit settlement will be spent on handing out free needles and naxolone on the streets.

They keep calling it "harm reduction," but the harm it's causing to our society is never mentioned.

You are not helping drug addicts by giving them clean needles and naxolone. You are just prolonging ugly suicides and taking the rest of society down with them. And you are not helping drug addicts by giving them free apartments to shoot up in, either. 

Normalizing and enabling drug addiction, and removing any stigma from being a street addict, help no one in the long run. They just drag the agony out longer.

Another $4 million of Oregon's opioid guilt loot will be spent on creating a statewide database "on substance use prevention, treatment and recovery services, with a focus on their availability and effectiveness." We don't have this already?

“Oregon’s share of the national opioid settlement funds is intended to provide better tracking of substance use disorder and support harm-reduction programs — which have never been more vital than in this time of accelerating fentanyl-driven overdoses,” said Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum. “I am grateful to know the Board has designated the first allocations of these funds for these purposes.”

I don't expect any of this money to make the state's severe drug crisis any better, but it's sad to see it go toward making matters worse.

Oregon needs a moonshot on mental illness and drug addiction – a major commitment to new treatment facilities and personnel. This is the exact opposite of that.


  1. Ellen understates the disaster......we are not besieged with fentanyl-driven overdoses.....we are being POISONED with even the smallest dose!!!! Outragiously unacceptable!

  2. Several millennia of common sense is ignored in support of an ideology that will definitely fail.

  3. ‘Harm reduction’ is a euphemism for enabling self-destructive drug use. It’s some weird type of snuff film shit, watching people drag out what is essentially suicide.


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