The alternative to police

Many bad things happen when a city gives up on its law enforcement – when thieves and drug dealers ply their trades openly, and without consequences.

One of those bad things is vigilantism, where frustrated crime victims take the law into their own hands. It happened the other night on Northeast Columbia Boulevard in Portland. It's not the first time. And it won't be the last. 

This is the city that the Hardestys and the Schmidts wanted. It was a big mistake. When the choice is between racist cops and no cops, racist cops win. Or else you lose your city. Reality is very sad sometimes.


  1. Vigilantes are a growing phenomenon.

    1. Don’t think the biz owner is one

  2. Sounds as the biz owner was practicing self defense as an individual and not part of a group, no?

  3. Regardless of the laws, most folks don't consider defending your turf to be "vigilantism". If Schmidt ever tried to prosecute people for this, he'd probably run headfirst into some jury nullification.

  4. In the bizarro world of Portland I expect Schmidt to charge the business owner.


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