Pride of Arts High

One of the world's great horn players and jazz composers, and my fellow native of the "Down Neck" section of Newark, N.J., Wayne Shorter, left the world from a hospital in L.A. today. He was 89 years old.

He was there with Blakey. There with Miles. There with Jaco. There with Herbie. There with Joni. And there all by himself.

The kids in high school said he was weird. They may have been right. Thank God.


  1. The best geniuses are the ones that can amaze and entertain.

  2. Always liked a soft horn. Enjoyed all of them. My favorite was Hugh Masekela.

  3. I'm listening to "Ju Ju" this morning. This is one where young Wayne stole Coltrane's band and put his own sound over it. Great stuff.


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