Feeling lucky?

Here's a rather pitiful story. If you ride a bicycle or take Tri-Met to go downtown in Portland on a Wednesday, the city's taxpayers will give you free coffee and maybe a gift card.

Of course, you will have to either ride a bicycle in nasty winter weather or take Portland mass transit, and I'm not sure which is a riskier bet at this point. They say you could also walk, which I suppose means you can park your car and walk up to the giveaway and lie about how you got there. 

Try not to think too hard about what will happen on the sidewalks you're walking on. Step carefully. And I hope your bike, or your car and its contents, are still there when you get back to it.


  1. I suppose one can hope your bike doesn’t get stolen either…

  2. And hope that you aren’t punched in the face, followed by being struck with a rock in the face. Are you feeling lucky?


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