Everything is unsatisfactual

All these years I've been singing the Oscar-winning song "Zip a Dee Doo Dah," knowing I was an idiot, but unaware that I was a racist idiot.

I blame it on Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans (featuring Darlene Love).


  1. Always thought it was a cheerful tune. It’s discouraging to have mud thrown on a fun memory.

    1. I am surprised to hear that the Walt Disney take on the Uncle Remus tales is still shown in any form I thought that was pulled awhile ago. I am pretty sure I rented Song of the South back when my kids were little in the 90's but I certainly remember reading them all the Uncle Remus tales to them when they were kids just as the tales were read to me by my school teachers. One of the earliest tales I ever remember being read to in Kindergarten was 'Little Black Sambo'. I also by High School read Ralph Ellison, Richard Wright, and James Baldwin not because they were Black Writers but because they were great writers who told great stories with lots of action about living in the ghetto that appealed to me even though I grew up in the most lily white community, Milwaukie, Oregon, in the 50's-70s. The first 'black friend' I ever made was a young guy who was a bus boy working at Portlands University Club while I was a waiter in the 1970's. I remember him telling me that "we are all N****** here." It actually made me feel like I belonged.


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