Breaking news: They did something

The Portland police are making a big deal out of how they actually worked last weekend, busting shoplifters, arresting people on warrants, and recovering stolen cars. They used to do this every day. Now it's a special "sting" operation that happens only once every so often, and only in certain designated hot zones.

Well, it's a step in the right direction, at least. But hey, will our boy wonder county D.A., Mikey Schmidt, prosecute anybody they arrested? I thought he wasn't into wasting resources if it's "just" property crime. He is much too busy righting the wrongs of society to enforce any rules.

We have 666 more days of Mikey, unless T. Kohoutek makes him a judge first. I'm not sure which prospect is worse.


  1. PR efforts always have a goal in sight. So what’s the objective to publicizing the shoplifting sting.

    1. Could be it's the start of Dud Wheeler's re-election campaign. Chief Chuck must suspect that once Dud's gone, he probably is too. Or maybe Nike's request to pay for off-duty cops at its MLK store, which the chief immediately nixed, had something to do with it.

  2. Wow 34 arrests 28 warrants and 7 vehicles........ How on earth is that news? That is half a day's regular work for most large competent police bureaus. Here though we celebrate the fact that they actually got off their asses at all. Not to mention that it sounds like the majority of these busts came from one group of officers working a single crime point. It does nothing for the safety of PDX. 7 vehicles is .01% of the stolen ones rollin' around PDX tonight. Most with occupants packing heat.


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