Snowpocalypse now!

The timeline moved quickly here in Portland yesterday afternoon.

2:30: Hey, it's starting to snow! They said it would. Probably won't stick. Look, it's melting as soon as it hits the sidewalk.

3:30: Wow, its coming down pretty hard. And it's starting to stick here and there. Maybe things will get disrupted a little.

4:00: OMG! This thing is serious! Snowmageddon! Do we have enough toilet paper?

And from there, all the usual stuff happened. Traffic jams everywhere, cars unable to make it up the hill on the Sunset Highway going west toward Sylvan. Chain reaction accidents. Cars being abandoned.

At sunrise this morning, it's in the 20's, and windy, there's still a little snow coming down, and we've got a good five inches on the ground. At these temperatures, it isn't going anywhere for a while. And neither are we, except on cross-country skis if we start feeling ambitious.

But if there's one thing Covid taught us, it's that we can still function at work even without actually being together in the same place. And so it's not a real snow day. Just a Zoom day with a white backdrop. Sigh.


  1. Yes, if you are part of the Zoom Class. Some others have to go to work, just like during Covid.

  2. Does L&C do lectures remotely now? I took income tax from 8 PM to 10 PM, in person ... ugh that was rough

    1. Snow days (and nights) aren't what they used to be.


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