Smooth sailing on the Titanic

I got this rather dubious email message from the Oregon state health department the other day. God bless 'em, they're still in denial about what a tragic error in judgment it was for the voters to decriminalize street drugs throughout the state.

Combined Measure 110 funding reached more than 60,000 Oregonians during the earliest phases of implementation, according to financial and operational reports filed with Oregon Health Authority (OHA).

Now, 60,000 sounds like a large number, but street drugs have been more or less legal around here for more than two years now. So, if what you have to show me is 60,000 people, that's like 2,500 a month.

And besides, what does it mean to "reach" an addict? It sounds like it may mean simply handing them a clean needle or teaching them how to use naxolone on the guy in the next tent. "Harm reduction," you see.

But they're very big about bragging about how they've spent a lot of money. 

In all, the OAC obligated $265 million to 42 BHRNs and 11 tribal partners.

"We threw millions at the nonprofit industrial complex!" To the bureaucrats, that's the ultimate achievement: burning through the money. Results are of little importance.

“While these are still early and partial reports, Measure 110 services are beginning to ramp up across the state. We’ll continue to share these progress reports each quarter.”

I can hardly wait. Wake me when you're ready to admit what a mistake Measure 110 was. The only good part about it was directing some of the pot tax bonanza to treatment of people hooked on hard drugs. But that could have, and should have, been done without legalizing their stuff of choice, and it's not even close to enough money, anyway.

One thing's for sure: It was the last nail in Portland's coffin.


  1. There are those who say, Fentanyl is NOT a problem, it's a solution to a problem. Blue state governments and open border enthusiasts seem to believe that.

  2. Who will join me with comments in support for Jack's efforts to Save Our State?

  3. We’re hear every day

  4. Clearly the voters in Portland have no thinking ability whatsoever. They prove this over and over by enacting stupid laws, electing stupid people, and just in general acting like stupid liberals. I wonder if any of them ever pause, look around, and notice that everything is going straight to Hell... and it's due to stupid liberal policies and voters.


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