She was just not that into them

Here's one of those funny-then-sad stories that Portlanders get just about every day now. Mutnomah County code requires that a central budget advisory committee be appointed and operate as a public voice and watchdog. But the just-departed county chair, Deadly Deborah, found the group tiresome and dissolved it, the code be damned. She felt she had "inherent power" to do whatever she pleased, apparently. The only county commissioner saying anything about it has been Sharon Meieran.

When busted for this illegal move yesterday, the new county chair, Jessica Chevy Vega, issued a statement saying, "Something something blah blah 2024."

The county is such a fail. They're in charge of public health. Drive around inner Portland and see how it's going. These days the county's main function seems to be blocking any progress from City Hall in cleaning up the obscene mess that the city's core has become.

The county and the city need to be merged, like yesterday. And competent adults need to take over.  Neither is going to happen, I'm afraid. Not that anybody alive today is going to see, anyway.


  1. Competent adults get ignored by voters in Portland. How else could you explain the election of JoAnn or Ted.

  2. Finding a number of competent adults in Potland is chemically impossible!

  3. The underlying problem is that the voters in Portland and Multnomah County aren't competent adults.

  4. If the county and city are merged, does that mean unincorporated areas of Multnomah County become part of the city of Portland?

  5. Voters don't have the opportunity to even vote for a competent adult, since so very few of them run for office.


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