Painted in Portland

The last 747 ever built recently made a pit stop at PDX before it flew off into history.

Finally, the airplane was rolled out of the factory, through bay doors several stories high that could accommodate the airplane’s 225-foot wingspan.

Outside, fuel systems and other features were checked and the plane embarked on a test flight, landing in Portland for a paint job before flying back. The plane and its systems continued to be evaluated. On Tuesday, it will be handed over to Atlas Air Worldwide, a cargo and passenger airline that will use it to haul goods.

Don't tell City Hall. They'll be after everybody in sight for a bunch of taxes as a result of the stop-over. 

But I wish there had been a little fanfare. It might have been worth risking a trip out PDX way to see the first landing of the last big boy.


  1. I suspect the City knows about the Boeing Paint facility at 4635 NE Cornfoot Rd. The building was built in 1993 by the Port of Portland for the Pacific Aircraft Maintenance Corp, with bonds sold by the Port and backed by the Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund.


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