OMG, another Portland tax!

Tick tock, they don't stop.

State Rep. Travis Nelson (D-North Portland) plans to introduce a bill this week that would change state law to allow cities, including Portland, to create parks districts—special municipal taxing districts that with voter approval would create dedicated parks funding....

Nelson is taking up the bill at the behest of the city’s newest parks commissioner, Dan Ryan. They say that state law currently allows for counties to create park districts, but not cities. If such a bill is passed, Portland voters would still get to vote on both the creation of the district itself and any proposed tax levy. (Other municipal services, such as the Multnomah County Library, have dedicated taxing districts.)

Just what Portland needs right now – not!

How did Portland maintain its beautiful parks for a century without this? I guess that was in the day before all the tax money went to government bureaucrat retirees. Times are different now. We need a property tax increase to pay for basic maintenance.

Yes, "Portland voters will still get to vote on" it, but you know how that will go. Then guys like Ryan wonder why everybody with any common sense is leaving. The only meaningful vote left is with your feet.


  1. Until recently, Portland had a goose that laid golden eggs. I guess everyone knows the end of the fable.

  2. The ever widening gap between Multnomah county’s second highest national marginal tax rate of 14.6% and the quality of local services provided will continue to drive capital and taxpayers away…….adding a new capital gain levy and now a parks tax will accelerate Portland’s collapse. Is there a single political leader in the state that understands how private markets and capitalism function? Anyone? Even uber liberal communities require those annoying employers and investors and eventually taxpayers. Thank goodness there is a local tax professor who is raising the alarm….

    1. I find it laughable that Wheeler and Vega Pederson are speaking out against the capital gains tax - because of how high taxes already are in Portland. Thanks, Jessica, for spearheading the preschool tax, which is sinking Multnomah. Where was Ted and the other “leaders” when this tax was proposed and put on the ballot. I didn’t hear anyone speak out against it. Now, the damage is done. Private employers, who pay well, will continue to leave. I’ve already heard that anesthesiology groups here are having a difficult time attracting talent, thanks in large part, to the tax situation here.

    2. No, they have no understanding of basic economics. In their world, wealth is finite and can only be redistributed, not grown. None of them has even heard of the now-classic book, The Millionaire Next Door, much less read it. And as far as Ronald Reagan's adage, "If you want more of something, subsidize it; if you want less of something, tax it", they'll never believe it in a million years.

  3. Next we'll have a tax on the "privilege" to leave Portland. An ex patriation tax.

  4. Maybe this tax district can codify that the only way to get into recreation activities is by helping IRCO or SEI pad their enrollment numbers

  5. Currently searching Zillow for our Pdx exit strategy. It’s one thing to pay tax but when get squat in return it’s just not worth it.


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