It gets worse

Every rock you turn over in Oregon has something slimy living underneath it. But in the case of the Bourbongate scandal at the state liquor control agency, it seems there were quite a few creatures under there.

Yesterday we read that the manager at the center of the whisky hogging operation got so drunk on a trip to Denver on state business a few years ago that he wound up in the hospital for alcohol poisoning. His name is Chris Mayton, and he's head of the distilled spirits program within the OLCC. At least, he is for a few more hours.

The O, which has been the key revealer of the current woes of the agency, had the blistering story up for all to see for a while there, but now it's behind the Paywall of Pity, here. I'll post to a free version when another outlet picks up the story. (Here's another short version from the O.)

What the O article didn't mention is that Mayton was also recently elected to the Sandy City Council, where he sits on the dais with the mayor, Stan Pulliam. You rememnber Pulliam. He's the Republican whose run for governor was going great until it his taste for wife-swapping became a thing. That's quite a crew they got up there in old Sandy.

Also not mentioned in the O story is the fact that Mayton was the OLCC's interim chief financial officer for six months, and that was after his bad night in Denver. At least that's what his LinkedIn page says. Then he went back to scoring high-end booze for the connected people, apparently.

There's a criminal investigation supposedly under way about Bourbongate. But I suspect there's a lot more than that going on inside the OLCC that an ambitious prosecutor could make a name for themselves on. I wouldn't bet on it, but you never know.


  1. That gaggle of highly compensated “executives” from the upper echelons of the top-heavy OLCC must have made quite an impression on all the Denver conference attendees. I feel so proud!

  2. Speaking of Stan, he appears to be preparing a run at Tottie Smith for county chair. Should be fun to see two Trumpers going at it. Tootie, near as I can tell, is just happy to have a steady paycheck and whatever PERS she can get out of the deal. Stan would be a genuine menace.

    1. Given his lackluster performance in the gubernatorial race, it’s hard to imagine the “whiny-voiced wife swapper” knocking off Smith.


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