Father knows best

"I really believe that songs are just amazing things because they go off and they have their own life. They get played at weddings and funerals and births and deaths and everything. Happy moments or moments of doubt or moments where it just seems to be the friend you want. It’s a strange thing, the way they have their own life. I love that about them. They’re like kids. They’ve gone off and experienced more of life, probably, than I have. They’ve been in the background when two people are making love, or they’ve been on a car journey to Alaska. All these scenarios where they’ve been experiencing our lives, as well as we are experiencing them. It blows me away. Songs are incredible things. I love them."

                      Karl Wallinger, a.k.a. World Party


  1. That quote from him is true, but it also sounds almost laughably naive. It reminded me of that ridiculous song by ICP where they seem astonished that magnets can do what they do. Here is a choice selection from the song that pertains to his quote:

    “ I fed a fish to a pelican at Frisco bay
    It tried to eat my cell phone, he ran away
    Music is magic, pure and clean
    You can feel it and hear it but it can't be seen.”

  2. Karl is a visionary whose work speaks to dreams, aspirations, and goals. The world could use a lot more people like him.

  3. What a beautiful sentiment.


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