'Doggy coin awarded

They're playing the Pro Bowl today, the National Football League's all-star game. Wisely, for the first time, they're playing it as flag football, which could be the start of something.

With nothing left after this but the Super Bowl, it's a fine opportunity to wrap up our pro football underdog game for the year, by listing the charities picked by our winners. They are, drumroll please:

First place - VegasBaby5 - $315 - Sandy High School Robotics Program

Second place - Mad Dog - $100 - Shriners Children's Hospital

Third place - Howler - $75 - Clackamas Rotary Foundation

The first two checks have already been mailed, and the third goes out tomorrow. I added a few bucks to each for the time value of the money, which our players posted up way back in August.

The competition was intense, and it made things a lot more interesting through the long gridiron season. Relatively low stakes (less than a buck a week) and a guaranteed happy outcome – there's not much more to ask for. Thanks to everybody who played. Most of the 'dogs lost, but our players were all champs.


  1. It’s been another great weekly run in the park! Thanks, Jack!


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