Back to the war on drugs?

I see the Prez proposed a crackdown on fentanyl dealers last week. And he's being shouted down about it by the usual collection of "advocates" and "activists." It seems the folks in the nonprofit addiction industrial complex don't like the idea of there being any downside to handing out the means by which people kill themselves and everything around them.

“When you criminalize things, you create stigma around substances,” said Maritza Perez Medina, director of federal affairs at the Drug Policy Alliance. “If people know they’re going to get in trouble for using substances, they’re going to be reluctant to call for help.”

Harry Cullen, an organizer with the harm reduction advocacy group P.A.I.N., said efforts to control the fentanyl supply have led the emergence of other, even more dangerous substances in the drug supply, such as Xylazine, which is used as a veterinarian sedative, and nitazenes, another class of opioids.

First of all, Grampy Joe wasn't talking about locking up users, just dealers. But more importantly, Ms. Medina, hell yes, I want to create a stigma around substances. For Pete's sake, have we lost our minds?

Biden's on the right track here. He needs to tune out the noise and get going pushing back against the drug cartels that have taken over the West Coast. And it would help if the state and local governments would get on it, too, but this being the blue zone, that's not going to happen without a big kick in the butt from Uncle Sam.

A war on drug users makes no sense. But the war on drug dealers is long overdue to resume.


  1. What does the DEA do? You’d think Portland would a prime focus for them, given our out of control drug situation here

    1. The pencil necks in Portland object to outside participation.

  2. Drug Policy Alliance ... why does that name sound so familiar? Oh, yeah: "The Measure 110 campaign was spearheaded by Drug Policy Action, the 501(c)(4) advocacy arm of the Drug Policy Alliance ..."

  3. Have you seen the new television commercial calling Portland a “Schmidt show”?

  4. How about we finish the walls and secure the border.


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