Another dark day in Mac

The scandals that have troubled Linfield University for several years now took a new turn today with the news that the university has paid a former professor, whom they fired after he spoke out about sexual harassment, a cool $1 million. The school is not admitting any wrongdoing! They're just paying a million bucks to settle his lawsuit. Okay.

Maxine of the O has the whole story here. It's amazing.

The craziest part of it now is that the university president, improbably named Miles Davis, still has his job. As the news of the settlement broke, he was reportedly away on a junket. 

Davis, who signed the settlement, is out of the country in Jamaica, invited to attend a career expo there. The Jamaica Observer newspaper featured a short blurb on the attendees, which Davis shared on his Instagram. It called Davis an “authority on entrepreneurship whose most recent work focuses on integrity, values and principles in the business world.”

Wow. I gave him up as a goner nearly two years ago. What on earth is going on down there? Can you imagine being an alumnus who has given the school money, and seeing that this is what it goes for?

I feel bad for everybody at Linfield who has been suffering through this. Well, almost everybody.


  1. A close acquaintance, who went to school there, recently remarked to me that some people hold positions at the school that they didn’t earn


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