A microdose of reality

I don't get the kids at Willamette Weed. For months now, they've been feeding us two messages:

1. Things in Portland aren't so bad.

2. Despite what the federal Census Bureau says, the Portland State population experts are right, people are not bailing on this place. In fact, rich people are still flocking here.

Then yesterday, out of the blue, their story turned 180 degrees, and now they admit that even once-loyal Portlanders, especially those making decent money, are moving away to escape out-of-control crime, ridiculous tax increases, and filth and garbage everywhere. Some are moving to the 'burbs, but the smartest ones are leaving the state entirely.

What happened in the old newsroom? 

Oh, I see. The reporters were eating magic mushrooms again.

That's too bad. Because when they come down, they'll likely be back to their old story lines. Mike Schmidt, Carmen Rubio, and Tina Kotek are going to turn this place around. Any day now. There just aren't enough apartments! If you just give that junkie in the tent there the keys to a free studio apartment, he'll be a new man.

Sheesh. But anyway, save this week's issue. It's a rare find.


  1. Today, we made the decision. My wife, 8 months pregnant, was chased and a man spat on her face on 19th and Everett. We're moving East in April and will have our kid elsewhere.

    1. That's what usually does it, something like that.

  2. It was the gun pulled by the Irvington homeowner on people taking their cans out for recycling, the homeless guy who came at with me with a metal pipe as I waited for friends at 15th & Klickitat at 530am, the catalytic converter theft in progress at 30th & Thompson, the woman who crossed the double yellow line at 12:30 a.m. and totaled my wife’s car….I could go on and on. Family ties to Portland going back to 1856 all ended when we moved across the river last year. The result? No crime and property taxes that went up under $100 in the past year.

  3. I wish the local media would put their WOKE agenda on the back burner for a while and report on this

  4. We moved out of Portland in Nov 2021 after living downtown for 15 years. We got fed up with the sky-high property taxes, the dirty needles, the piles of shit everywhere & the expensive, intrusive HOA.

    I just found the cell phone video I took in April 2021 of the fire at the homeless camp in the park across the street (complete with exploding propane canisters) that I sent to every member of the City Council, Count Commission & JOHS.

    The camp was uninhabited at the time so PF&R didn’t put out the fire.

    I figured I didn’t need that anymore since I’m no longer a Portland or MultCo voter. There is life outside of Portland…despite what most Portlanders think. It’s our best kept secret.

    I’ll never go back.


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