Weekend forecast: snow flurries and riots

Any excuse to destroy stuff, and you know the black bloc-heads will be out in force on the streets of Portlandia doing it. And they've got quite an excuse this time around. The spray paint, the broken glass, the dumpster fires, it could be a winter wonderland here in town the next few nights. "End Civ," baby.

And if it happens, don't expect the cops to break a sweat. Their continuing de facto strike should be pretty apparent. D.A. Mikey and his judge pals are boiling up some wet noodles for the unlikely event that anybody manages to get arrested. Will the anarchists get Starbucks gift cards after they trash all the Starbucks?

DraftKings has the over-under on damaged Portland storefronts through Monday morning at 8½.


  1. Scrolling through Redfin at Washington homes at the moment. My business is in Washington, but I’ve lived in Portland for over a decade. I can’t justify paying Portland income tax anymore, especially all the new city and metro taxes. I pay at least twice as much in income tax as I would pay for a mortgage in Washington.

    1. If you don't work in Oregon, from a tax standpoint you're crazy to live here.

    2. Thank you. That’s what I needed to hear.

  2. In general, Oregon taxes are a burden.
    Residing in Multnomah county makes it painful. It gets obscene if you live in Portland.


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