Week 17 curs unleashed

The Big Daddies of Pro Football take the field again today, and the players in our charity underdog game have selected as follows:

13.5 DENVER at Kansas City - Meow, DB, Evil O, Paul, Linda, Gordon, Atwater27

10 TENNESSEE vs. Dallas (Thursday, unsuccessful) - SteveO

7 NEW ORLEANS at Philadelphia - Eric

6.5 LOS ANGELES RAMS at Los Angeles Chargers - CrimsonCrud, DogDown, Buster Douglas, MadDog

6 LAS VEGAS vs. San Francisco - Howler

4 HOUSTON vs. Jacksonville - Annie B., Kosar19

3 MINNESOTA at Green Bay - Not Gonna Happen

3 PITTSBURGH at Baltimore - Mojo, JC 

2.5 SEATTLE vs. New York Jets - PDXileinOmaha, Bad Picker, VegasBaby5

Nobody picked:

6 CHICAGO at Detroit

5 INDIANAPOLIS at New York Giants

4 ARIZONA at Atlanta

3 CAROLINA at Tampa Bay

2.5 MIAMI at New England

2 CLEVELAND at Washington

1 CINCINNATI vs. Buffalo (Monday, pick was still due today, 10:00 a.m. PST)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post has been updated to show all picks received by this morning's deadline.

Our most recent standings are here. Happy New Year, and happy 'dog-rooting, players!

UPDATE, 5:00 p.m.: New Orleans and Seattle come through. Pittsburgh and Baltimore shortly.