Underdog picks and Top 3 finishers

It's the last day of our charity pro football underdog pool for another season, and our players have made their last picks, namely:

2.5 SAN FRANCISCO at Philadelphia - Mojo, Meow, DB, VegasBaby5, Evil O, MadDog, JC, Annie B., Howler, Atwater27, PDXileinOmaha, Linda, Not Gonna Happen, SteveO, Buster Douglas

1.5 KANSAS CITY vs. Cincinnati - Kosar19, Bad Picker, Eric*

With that, we have our winners, whose charities will benefit:

I'll be back at the end of today's games with final standings and a wrap-up. Top three players, please let me know who your charities are. The rules state that to be eligible, the charity "must be a Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to food, shelter, medicine, education in a school, animal welfare, or fostering athletic competition." The charities will get $315, $100, and $75, respectively, with checks going out as soon as you three champs call your shots.

Enjoy the games, and I'll see you later for the post-game yakety-yak.

* - Picked Cincinnati; I'll take that as this game.


  1. Do we get a report on the charities chosen?

    1. One has still not been chosen. As soon as I have it, yes.


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