That's a wrap

Well, we've made it through the 12 days of Christmas, and today it's "Little Christmas," as we used to call it, but I think it's actually The Big Deal for orthodox Christians.

Whatever. At our place it means that the extensive Yule decorations are starting to be taken down. The Spode kettle has been put away. And the Christmas food is almost all gone. There are a few mace cookies left, and the panettone's still got one last hunk. We drank all the bubbly. But nobody's dared open the box with the Trappist monks' fruit cake in it yet. No sweat, that stuff keeps. 

When you go as big as we do, striking the set takes time. If it all gets stowed away by Valentine's Day, we'll call it good.

For all the traditions, every holiday season is a little different. If the purpose of all the hoopla is to keep sprits up during the darkest days and longest nights, this year's version did a fine job. We're lucky.


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