That’s my last 'dog posted on the blog

I'll admit it. The final weekend in our charity pro football underdog game may not be terribly exciting, as the points to be won are small:

2.5 SAN FRANCISCO at Philadelphia

1.5 KANSAS CITY vs. Cincinnati

With the standings, such as they are, here, it doesn't take a math major to figure out what some of our final results will be. But I won't spoil anyone's party until this weekend. The winners will be formally announced on Sunday, and there's still one thing not finally decided.

Even those who are out of the "money" are urged to make their final choice, for the record and for glory. Get your final score for this season up as high as you can.

Kickoff time for the first game, and the deadline for all picks, is noon PST on Sunday. Go, 'dogs!