Rompiendo mal

You don't have to look too hard around Portland to notice that somebody's making a lot of money selling hard drugs around here. And where are the cops? Nowhere to be seen, usually.

Here's an alarming blog post, and here an accompanying Twitter thread, explaining what appears to be happening. The Sinaloa drug cartel from Mexico is taking over the entire industry, from manufacture to street sale. We've all seen on the news how in Mexico, drug beefs are settled with murder by gun. That's apparently starting to happen north of the border now, starting with the Central Valley in California.

For a city and state as lazy and incompetent as Portland and Oregon, it's a frightening prospect. Up against major organized crime, we are sitting ducks.


  1. And Portland is one source of firearms fueling cartel violence:

  2. The FOP is a gang, too. Portland Mayor & City Council are their rolling molls. Ripped City.

  3. A great combo. The CCP producing the Fentanyl and the Sinaloa boys getting it into every nook and cranny in the US. While we sit by and pout about equity and gender fluidity.

  4. Annex Mexico and subject it to our laws and military. I doubt they could put up much of a fight. Blow up the fentanyl factories and cartels. MAGA would be on board as the border at the south end of Mexico would be small enough for even a Trump sized wall.


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