Quotation of the Month

That guy Marty Smith over at the Weed cracks me up. This week he said:

One potential disadvantage of being a liberal squish like myself is that bad guys know you’re not armed. It doesn’t take a seasoned criminal to look at me and be pretty sure I’m not going to step out of my Prius, pull a Glock out of my OPB tote bag and blow somebody away. 


  1. An apartment complex over by the Glisan Fred Myer has the exact same signs. Must be a trend. For warned for armed. Marty though does kind of have a Vietnam era vet thousand yard stare about him . I bet he still sleeps with his combat knife under his pillow. I recall a WW2 vet I knew back in the 70's, ex Marine, who still did that 30 years after the war was over.

  2. I took a Prius to a range recently. I did get some looks, but hey, I contain multitudes.


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