Mr. Gonzalez goes to Salem

A reader sends along a link to this interesting story, which might otherwise have gotten lost over the long weekend. Newly sworn-in Portland City Council member Rene Gonzalez was part of a group from City Hall who sat down with some state officials to talk about the mess that's happened with Measure 110. That's the misguided 2020 ballot measure that put the drug legalization cart before the drug treatment resources horse. And before that horse that cart still remains.

The story seems to indicate that the state folks still think they can just throw some money around and call it good. And they don't seem to want to face up to the dire situation on the city's streets.

“I was kind of an outlier in the room because I continued to ask about some of the unintended consequences of Measure 110,” Gonzalez said. “Is it attracting certain organized crime elements to the city of Portland? It is attracting some migratory elements to the city of Portland that are looking for a place to camp and do hard drugs.”

I hope Gonzalez doesn't get all fat and comfortable too quickly, like everybody else who gets elected to anything around here. So far, he appears to be thinking clearly, but it's still early. 


  1. Unintended consequences should be the byline of the Uber Leftists...

    1. What are those? Ride share drivers who refuse to move over and let other cars pass?

    2. "Ride share drivers who refuse to move over and let other cars pass?" LOLOL

  2. Rene’s efforts will face distractions from people who cry victim hood and racism.

    Aesop had a fable about this

  3. Gee, Jack... According to all those feel-good commercials on the TV-machine lately, M110 is working just fine and washing the unwashed in good feels!


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