Last full house at the kennel (Week 18 underdogs)

I don't know how many more years football as we know it will continue – let's hope Damar Hamlin pulls through – but there will be one final week of this year's regular pro football season this weekend, with two games on Saturday and none on Monday. For players in our charity underdog game, it's a crucial juncture at which to pick a winner. Here are the options:

[IMPORTANT NOTE, Saturday early morning: My oddsmaker mixed up the home and visiting teams on all but a couple of the games. That's fixed now, below. The correct home 'dogs are Las Vegas, Washington, Chicago, and Denver. Apologies! If a player sends a corrected pick before the deadline, I will go with the last pick I receive.]

14 NEW YORK GIANTS vs. at Philadelphia

14 ARIZONA vs. at San Francisco

7.5 LAS VEGAS at vs. Kansas City (pick due Saturday, 1:30 p.m. PST)

7.5 NEW ENGLAND at Buffalo

7 BALTIMORE vs. at Cincinnati

6.5 TENNESSEE vs. at Jacksonville (pick due Saturday, 5:15 p.m. PST)

6.5 LOS ANGELES RAMS vs. at Seattle

5.5 WASHINGTON at vs. Dallas

4.5 DETROIT vs. at Green Bay

4 TAMPA BAY vs. at Atlanta

4 CHICAGO at vs. Minnesota

3.5 CAROLINA vs. at New Orleans

3 DENVER at vs. Los Angeles Chargers

3 CLEVELAND vs. at Pittsburgh

2.5 HOUSTON vs. at Indianapolis

1 NEW YORK JETS at Miami

Players, remember, you can always make a backup pick as well as a regular pick. Just make sure that you've clearly labeled your main selection and your backup.

Our current standings are here. We'll play through three weeks of playoffs, with six games next week, four the following week, and only two at the end.

This might be a good time to remind everyone of the prizes that the winning players' charities will receive:

  • First place - $315
  • Second place - $100
  • Third place - $75
By rule, the charities must be Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations dedicated to food, shelter, medicine, education in a school, animal welfare, or fostering athletic competition.

Good luck, players!