Here are the antepenultimate 'dog picks

Here we are in the pro football playoffs, and the players in our charity underdog game have entered the following selections:

10.5 MIAMI at Buffalo - Evil O, Paul

10 SEATTLE at San Francisco - Linda, Gordon, DogDown, Not Gonna Happen, Buster Douglas, Meow, DB, Eric, Mojo

6.5 BALTIMORE at Cincinnati - Howler

3 NEW YORK GIANTS at Minnesota - SteveO, Annie B., CrimsonCrud, Kosar19 , MadDog, VegasBaby5

3 TAMPA BAY vs. Dallas - PDXileinOmaha, Bad Picker, JC

No one picked:

1 JACKSONVILLE vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Our standings going into this "wild card" weekend are here. Good luck to all!

UPDATE, 6:45 p.m.: The Seahawks played one good half, but it was not enough. Nobody is on the other Satur-'dog.