Barbed wire no match for Portland scum

Car theft and catalytic converter theft in Portland have gotten completely out of control. I can no longer park my 1990s-era jalopy in front of my own house. Lately two different sleazebags have been seen by my neighbors trying to break into it. The one guy was out there at 8:30 on a weekday morning.

At the city's school bus yards, even barbed wire hasn't been enough to keep vehicles and their converters from disappearing and being sold for drug money. And so now the school board is going to invest in electrified fences. Apparently they'll deliver a non-lethal jolt. Don't spare the juice on my account.

Meanwhile, the brazen tent-dwelling thieves in the Woodstock neighborhood have gotten so bad that the merchants down there are going to have to hire a private police force, because let's face it, the city no longer has a functional police bureau. Vigilantes will find your stolen car for you, and you can board up all your broken windows, but don't expect the cops, or the utterly worthless district attorney, to do a damn thing.

It's really too bad what has happened here under the likes of Dud Wheeler, Jo Ann With the Bullhorn, Deadly Deborah, Novick, Eudaly, Fritz, and the rest of them. And I'm afraid it isn't going to even start getting better until the voters wise up. Which we all know is decades away, if it ever happens. There are plenty more Chainsaw Rubios and Chevy Vegas still around, eager to run the place into the ground.

Electrified fences around the school buses. Wow. just wow.


  1. You forgot Char-lie Hales, the guy who said it’s OK to camp on the street.
    I wonder where he is these days? He did have plans to sail is old sailboat around the South Pacific but gave up in Baja…he didn’t have the stomach for that either!

  2. I fear that most in the community will turn a blind eye when vigilante activities begin

  3. Voters wise up? You mean the ones that state they’ll never vote for a Republican?

  4. Portland voters will never wise up. All those with any sort of means at all will move away (like I did). I can count the number of times I journeyed to Portland last month on one hand...and I never (ever!) drive there. City Hall has become the prime enabler of "Escape from New York" on the Willamette.

  5. Southwest fourth and Taylor was once a busy intersection.

  6. I would prefer that they use Electro-Fried fencing...


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