As far as it goes

First, the good news: The new governor of Oregon has identified homelessness as a top priority. She acknowledges that it's an "emergency."

Now the bad news: The next thing out of her mouth was, "So let's build 36,000 more apartments."

If you think that's going to solve Portland's homeless disaster, I've got an aerial tram I'd like to sell you (again).

Let me know when she says we're going to build and fully staff two or three mental health and addiction treatment facilities the size of the current Oregon State Hospital.

Let me know when she says we're going to set up a detox facility in Portland to replace the now-defunct "Chiers" system.

Let me know when she says we're going to go back to involuntarily committing dangerous people who have lost their minds.

Let me know when she says we're going to build more shelter beds, and improve conditions in all shelters – especially security.

Let me know when she says we're going to crack down on drug dealers, and make sure that they have public defenders and stay locked up for a long time.

Let me know when she says we're going to allow Big Medicine and Big Pharma, who actually know what they're doing, to make some money on the deal so long as they help solve the problem.

Let me know.


  1. I vote for Jack for Governor. We desperately need a voice of reason.

  2. I missed this when it first came out. Food for thought here:

  3. Jack, please don’t ever get into the public service cesspool. Your contribution to this community more powerful with this blog

  4. What about repeal of Ballot Measure 110 and ending the attracion?

  5. What a surprise. Kotek is all about housing. I don’t expect she will do anything about unsanctioned camping, including on ODOT land, which she now has control over.

  6. Wait...they killed CHIERS? Good God.

  7. Amen. And if anyone is wondering where the money to pay for all this housing is going to come from, how about yet another income tax increase on so-called high earners?

  8. The developers and financiers run the cities. Same as it ever was.


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