As the bodies pile up, strategic planning is under way

I see that the Oregon secretary of state has an opinion of Measure 110, which essentially legalized street drugs in Oregon. Give it a chance, she says.

What a joke. We've been giving it a chance for a full two years now. Drug addiction is worse than it's ever been, the crime and filth it brings has destroyed Portland, and the bureaucrats continue to dither about how someday maybe they'll get some serious treatment facilities built and staffed. 

The new guy running the state health department agrees with the secretary of state, that if we just give it a few more years, eventually Measure 110 will look like a great idea. His response statement included these gems:

In the agency’s Management Response to the Secretary of State’s Measure 110 audit, state health officials pledged to take action on four recommendations directed to OHA:

    • Publish the first iteration of a strategic plan that describes how Measure 110 services are being integrated into the overall behavioral health system in Oregon, by Sept. 30, 2023.
    • Identify and address data reporting gaps to better track and evaluate the impact of Measure 110. This work is already underway and will continue through 2023 and 2024, as the state launches new data reporting systems.
    • Improve the technical support OHA provides to the Measure 110 Oversight and Accountability Council (OAC).
    • Help the OAC expand collaboration with the Oregon Department of Corrections, housing programs and other partners who can aid Measure 110’s successful implementation.

Do you hear that, folks? They're going to have a strategic plan to show you by this September. 

At that point street drugs will have been legal for two years and nine months. Can you imagine how many more junkies are going to flock to Portland from all over the country, to kill themselves here in a tent on the street, this year?

Shame on Oregon. When you make a big mistake, you need to admit it. Go back to square one and start over.


  1. So much for an improvement!

    1. He's inherited quite a mess. And if he says anything contrary to the party line on 110, he'll be gone even before his seat gets warm.

  2. We need a second committee to study the strategic plan. And then an equity committee to go over the work of both. Once they finish it will be passed on to the Oregon Environmental Council. And then they will send their findings on to.........

    1. The committee approach to public interest issues, reminds me of the progress achieved in the Columbia Crossing project

  3. I'm fine with a committee and a study- as long as they meet in a tent full of junkies shooting up. I mean we need real time data, not pie in the sky BS while sipping a spread-eagled mermaid's latte.

  4. Bbbbbbut... The feel-good TV commercials are telling everyone that things are just hunky-dory...

  5. The Weed has some highlights of the Sec. of State audit, including this nugget: “In 2020, Oregon had the second-highest substance use disorder rate in the nation and ranked 50th for providing access to substance use disorder treatment.” Heckuva job, Brownie.


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