Well, that settles that

All of a sudden everyone's talking about an artificial intelligence robot called ChatGPT, which can carry on a conversation and even write essays. I decided to give it a whirl, and this is what it told me right off the bat:

Somebody tell the City of Portland revenue bureau.


  1. They don't care if you're real or not ... they only care if the revenue they extract from you is real or not.

  2. It's wrong about a lot of things I've asked it. But also quite correct a lot of the time. Interesting, to be sure. But I'd trust Wikipedia much more.

  3. I asked it: "Explain the earned income tax credit in the style of Al Green."

    Well, it's like a gift of love that Uncle Sam is givin'
    To those who don't earn much livin'
    He's sharin' some of his wealth
    To help us get back on our feet

    He's gonna take some of the taxes that we owe
    And put it back in our hands, don't you know
    It's a way to show his love
    And help us rise above

    The Earned Income Tax Credit, it's the way to go
    It's Uncle Sam's way of showin' he cares
    It's a way to break the chains of poverty
    And help us build a brighter future there


  4. God, Satan, Sasquatch, Santa Claus. You're in good company you should be honored.

  5. “Let’s A.I. Together”


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